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"Shadow of the Eclipse" is a written, five part book series created by its author, Gavin MacLean (Currently a work-in-progress project). Originally, it was created as a small, introduction story behind the series' main character, Lord Gavin, into another RPG series done upon the Richalvarez Forums, known as "Miashama: Return of the Heroes". However, due to demand by its fans, it was expanded upon until it became its own series, taking place in a similar (though consistently original and different) world like that of the Miashama series. Below is a collective resource of everything to do with the story, used mainly as reference material for Gavin MacLean as he continues to work through the remainder of the story.

The story's genre is a "Dark Fantasy", being that much of the story revolves around graphic/mature-rated material and tragedy. It is recommend for ages of 16 and over, or at least for anyone that can deal with the morbid imagery, at times. The main page used in showcasing this story is Gavin MacLean's DeviantArt webpage (Under the username: "LordGavinMacLean"), upon which he continues to re-write, edit, draft, and finalize the chapters between his story's two main file groups (Being "Draft" and "Finalized").


Gavin MacLean's DeviantArt Page

"Shadow of the Eclipse" Draft Chapters

"Shadow of the Eclipse" Finalized Chapters

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