Alternative Magic is a form of magic that was brought into the world by the Greater God known as the Nameless One. This breed of magic is a strange combination of both Creative and Destructive magic, allowing it change and manipulate something and/or create something new by destroying something (or parts of something) that exists. In that, it can derive seemingly endless possibilities, so long as there is something to offer for its costs.


Magic was a common trait to most people within the past. However, due to many events over time (especially that of the "Great Purge"), the gift was mostly eradicated from human bloodlines, leaving most of Altus Regnum's population ungifted. Terra Viridis' population is entirely ungifted, given its founding by the ungifted victims of the "Old War" fleeing their for safety before its founding, and Exsul Munus has a populous of those with stranger traits of magic, though not much more prevalent than Altus'. In that, magic in itself is an uncommon trait in the story's more current timeline, but not extinct.

Alternative Magic is a long forgotten type of magic, as its (supposed) destruction had occurred during the Nameless Reign. Especially after that time period had been written out of the Divine's Text (renamed to the Creator's Text instead, over many generations), no one knew of such a god as the Nameless One or its power ever again. However, it had remained dormant under the earth, growing and radiating from special, emerald crystals. Once Gavin MacLean was born (the supposed reincarnation of the Nameless One), the magic suddenly began to thrive again and lead into the lands later destruction.

Examples of UseEdit

  • Can mutate life, the earth, and the laws of reality by its mere presense and direct control
  • Can grant people the use of the gift
  • Can bring life back to the dead
  • Can basically do almost anything, given the right hand, use, and supply of power/raw materials

Limitations of UseEdit

  • Is completely unable to survive within the presense or use of Restorative Magic
  • Those that succumb to its power normally become bound to whoever the Nameless One is in loyalty and service
  • Cannot pass through the veil (In fact, it implements a barrier, allowing no magic to pass through within its greenly veil at all)
  • If nothing can be destroyed, it cannot function

Characters Known to Possess Alternative MagicEdit