Cattle (Cows/Bovine) are large, grass-eatting animals with hooves, horns, and a vairety of spotted-patterns upon their skins. They're very common across all the earth and are typically held as live-stock within farms on Terra Viridis and Altus Regnum.

Wild cattle typically have larger horns over demesticated ones, which they use for defence against most threats that arise before them. They can sometimes be very agreesive and will charge their enemies in either an attempt to trample them or empail them upon their horns. Beyond that, they have a very mindful and harmless nature.

Humans tend to use these animals as a means for food and milk. As well, their skins can be made into both clothes for warmth and light-weight, leather armour for hunting and warfare.

Home Areas

Cattle are commonly found all over the world. Their regular homeland terrain consists mainly of flat, open grass plains.