Creative Magic is a form of magic that was brought into the world by the Greater God known as the Creator. As the name implies, it's a magic capable of creating new things from nothing or adding upon what exists within the world already. In that, it can derive many differing forms of magic in itself, ranging from magical binds, crafts, constructs, and elemental wielding.


Magic was a common trait to most people within the past. However, due to many events over time (especially that of the "Great Purge"), the gift was mostly eradicated from human bloodlines, leaving most of Altus Regnum's population ungifted. Terra Viridis' population is entirely ungifted, given its founding by the ungifted victims of the "Old War" fleeing their for safety before its founding, and Exsul Munus has a populous of those with stranger traits of magic, though not much more prevalent than Altus'. In that, magic in itself is an uncommon trait in the story's more current timeline, but not extinct.

Of all the magic types, Creative Magic is the most common of them all, leading next into Destructive (which is almost completely gone from humanity), Alternative (which had remained dormant underground for centuries), and Restorative (which had only ever remained to exist within the "Shard of Divinity", leaving its uses to fade throughout the passing generations after it was lost within the earth). It is greatly embraced amongst the people and their faith, leading into direct connection with the Creator and the means to benefit life. The only time with was questioned was during the time of the "Great Purge", where the Destroy and its Demons had used their influences to make people believe that the gift (in its entirity) was evil and must be destroyed. As such, with the crusades over, the gift degrades within humankind and the world, but still exists. If anything, it's encouraged to continue in its growth (or at least this side of it amongst the people's eyes).

Examples of UseEdit

  • Can intensify the heat within the air until it combusts, creating explosions and fire
  • Can increase the electrical power within the air to create folks of lightning
  • Can create pockets of dense air, allowing it to hold back or punch/cut through objects
  • Can bind spells and magic to objects or beings, granting them life or other properties

Limitations of UseEdit

  • Creative Magic is very weak in comparison to other types of magic
  • Creative Magic must be combined with Destructive Magic to create links or pass through the veil between the Limited and the Limitless Worlds
  • Creative Magic cannot be used to "Play God" or suddenly create new life from absolutely nothing. This practice in itself is actually very difficult for most humans to perform
  • Creative Magic cannot be used to grant others magic (alone) or increase the magical potential within other beings

Characters Known to Possess Creative MagicEdit