"Just don't tell mother about that, alright?"

Draven MacLean is the short-lived son of Gavin and Kathrina MacLean. His only appearance within the "Shadow fo the Eclipse" series (beyond any flash-backs) is merely within the first chapter, from where he dies. He is the beginning means of shock into Gavin's life, in his death, and drives forth his dire need for justice and vengence against the rising powers within the land. Otherwise, he is a very brief and minor character.


Draven MacLean is a small, eight-year-old boy with short brown hair, like his father. Not much else is given in the story concerning his appearance otherwise. He has a very innocent and child-like behaviour, as is expected for his age, and shares a very tight friendship with his older brother, Saviour MacLean. However, he's also very undiciplined and continuously goes against his mother's wishes about staying indoors, as he very much loves to play outside. Nothing else is given concerning his characteristics otherwise.


Draven got his name due to an event leading into his birth. When his mother, Kathrina, had gone into labour with him, she was being rushed to the chapel by aid of a carrage with Gavin and Draven Brandt by her side. However, a pack of wolves came in to try and take down their horses and, without much of another option, Draven Brandt lept from the carrage and took down the alpha wolf, pulling the pack away from them. Thankfully, Draven survived his rough encounter and, for his bravery, Gavin and Kathrina decided to name their newborn son after him.

Story Role

Draven's role within the story is very brief. He appears to establish himself as a young, innocent child of Gavin's fathering and dies out within the forest behind their home shortly before supper. His corpse was discovered beneath a large flock of ravens, who were going about eating his remains (of which had been littered all over the place). Due to the graphic nature of his death, as well since there being no signs given as to the cause, it remains unknown as to exactly what killed him, but it is assumed later on in the story that Draven had been murdered by a Ravager.

Otherwise, his death played a strong part into both Gavin and Kathrina's downfall into the rule of Alternative Magic, as well as dishearten his loving brother, Saviour.